Laboratory 7 - CAPC Processor (Step 2)

In this experiment, we are to create a 4K RAM and replace the PROM in the previous experiment Lab5/6, in the CAPC Processor 1 created in the Laboratory 6.

(1) Load the following CAPC Processor 1 created in Lab5/6.

(2) Create a 4K RAM by using Simulator utility in LogicWorks 4.

(3) Set up a Debugging Facility (DF) independently with 4 Hex Displays, 4 Hex Keyboards and 2 Binary Counters on the left side of the design sheet as follows.

(4) Use the keyboards in the DF to enter the program in the PROM (to be replaced): "FFFF 6004 0000 0000 BBBB".

(5) Delete the PROM. Duplicate the RAM in DF and insert it as the memory. We need more spaces for an additional 16 bit MBR2 as an Input Buffer for the RAM. See the following:

(6) Rewire LDG&SC3 and LDG&SC4 lines. Test the LDG machine instruction by running the CAPC with the RAM which contains the same machine instructions as in the previous experiment: CAPC with PROM:

The following machine instructions are manually stored in RAM by step (4).

1 6004
ldg [004]
2 0000
3 0000
data "BBBB"

The datum "BBBB" will be stored in the general register, Greg, after the successful run.

(8) Submit your successful CAPC processor 2 design (relevant .CCT files) to Dr. Hasegawa by Sunday, March 14, 11:00pm.