Advanced Computer Decision Systems
Summary: This course introduces ASP, Active
Server Pages, to create Server-side scripts in
eBusiness Computing.
Each project team (of 3-4 students) will design
and implement an e-commerce application.
Text: Active Server Pages 3.0 by S. Mitchell and J. Atkinson
Sams Teach Yourself Series, ISBN 0-672-31863-6
Marking Scheme:
Project 30%
2 Mini Exams (2X15%) 30%
 Final_Exam 40%
Time Table: Click Here
  Course Mark - April 26
  Mini-Exam1 Date: February 15, 2001, Exam Results
  Mini-Exam2 Date: March 22, 2001, Exam Results
  Final Exam Date: April 11, 2001
  Project Requirements, Due Date: April 20
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