CAPC Processor Project Presentation 2005

CAPC Processor is a 16 bit processor with main memory (RAM) of size 4,096 words, 16 bits per word. It was designed/built in LogicWorks4 for COMP212 Course (Computer Design and Architecture II) at Capilano College in the Spring2002 term. The CAPC Processor project (design/build the Processor) has been the major part of this course. This is the CAPC Processor Presentation 2005 Web site.

Instructor's Notes

 Scott Peerenboom
 TeJay Lee
 Nick Alcock
 Serge Lansiquot/index.htm
 Rouzbeh Youssefi
 Erif Setiadi
 Jeremy Peterson
 Jeffry Anthony
 Ted Hill

Dr. Minoru Hasegawa
Department of Computing Science
Capilano College
North Vancouver, BC, Canada