Computing Science 212 Computer Design and Architecture II
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Credits: 3

Course Content: In this course, we will study the structure of micro-processors, from digital logic level to microprogramming level, and the communication between processors and interfaces which represent hardware devices. Each student will design and build a 16-bit processor, CAPC, in LogicWorks4.

Prerequisites:Comp 211 with at least a "C-" grade.

Instructor:Dr Minoru Hasegawa

Final Course Mark

CAPC Processor Project Presentation 2005

CAPC Processor Project Information

Reference : MicroArchitecture (A. S. Tanenbaum)

PROJECT : Design Tanenbaum's MAC1 in LogicWorks4 (added May25, 2007)

Web Text - Computer Cook Book
Build your own Processor in LW4

  Chapter 1: A Skeletal Processor

  Chapter 2: Base Processor

  Chapter 3: CAPC Processor

Laboratory Experiments -
Communication, Interfaces, Multiple Processors

MidTerm Exam1 - February 17, 2005
MidTerm Exam2 - March 22, 2005   Answers

Final Exam - March 08, 2005

Students' File - Course Mark

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