Letter from Thunder Bay - July 4, 2000

Dick's "Speech Therapy" started today.
I have been waiting for this for a long time since he
suddenly started to utter "NO!" on November 1st of 1997.
Speech Therapist , Doctor Liz, sent me a fax last week
and said "bring some pictures such as a bathroom, a bed,
garden, Dad, Mom, dog and Dick's favorite food" which are
familiar with him. So I took those pictures with Dick and
added some other things he can pronounce easily. Since I knew
he was able to make "K", "P"and "B"sound easily, I took pictures
like cookies, POP, car, and baby. I also took his new friends'
picture. Hiroko Bekki and Ron Moller had their first baby recently.

Doctor Liz pointed basketball and asked him " what is this?"
He answered immediately "Ball". It sounded so clearly.
He understood her questions completely. Amazing!!!

He looked so happy today. Next session is Monday morning.